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Production Bedsides


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Firstly, I'm breaking this discussion off this thread, to keep things semi-on topic over there.


If you are in need of some sides, Please post below, as I will use this thread to show as how much interest there is, even if it is a limited run of them.


I am going to get in contact with some people I know, and see about having SWB Bedsides made available for sale. These would be complete weld-in/rivet-in sides, as well as quarters, or patch panels. I am willing to donate my bedsides to the cause if one of my contacts comes through. If they come through, I am sure they would also make LWB sides as well, so that everyone is covered.


Loosing my bedsides isn't really a big deal to me, I have an idea to replace them anyways, so it would probably be bound to happen sometime anyways.

(The idea is use the existing bed, less the skins, and add in some aluminum service boxes, but not extending past the current width of the truck.)

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