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WOW WHAT A BIKE now with pics


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I saw this going down the highway to day and stayed right on his tail until he pulled in for gas. :brows: It is a Boss Hoss with a V-8 and a 57 Chevy rear end. As soon as I can get pic of the one I seen up I will but until then click on the link and hold on to you seat. This thing was sweet and fast. jamminz.gif








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yeah i seen a couple of them before.


they also have them with a 502 :eek: pretty scary if you ask me


the guy that owns this bike has 2 of them this trike and that 502 2 wheeler and he said he can smoke the tire at 60 mph. If he punches it :eek:


Wal-Mart 1hr was closing so I won't have any pic until tomorrow :mad:

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