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Winter Build

Kenosha Warrior

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I'm starting my winter build early.


Some of the guys from my local club convinced me to keep the MJ. As a trade, Buckey and Steve will give me all the parts I need to turn my little dinky MJ into a 4 corner-leaved, 30/44 'ed rig with a 4.2/ax15/231 and SOA if I help them build up their rigs.


Should be a good deal. Ive got hangars for the front all fabbed up, going to run FSJ leaves off a 1974 Chero. SOA on a YJ D30 and SOA a MJ D44 in the rear end. 33"s to start as I can get a set brand new for $100. Total for the project should rough out to about $500 as I can get the trans for $25, t-case free, I'm using a CJ motor. 4.2L from an 86 CJ7, 10,000km on rebuild with the sheets, has stainless AMC marked valve cover and the block is AMC blue. Steering will be braced with the spring hangars and I'm swapping to P/S with the pump from the CJ and the box off a '88 Chero.


Parts collection will take till around christmas time when I get shop access. Then The build begins.

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