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P/S fluid screw up/leak/question.

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So for the first time since I put everything back together, which included the tranny, torque converter, fliuds in both pumpkins, brake fluid flush & filI, new battery, tires, and complete flush, purge, flush and fill of the P/S fluid. etc.  AND driving it for two+ weeks around 800 miles I noticed a medium sized P/S fluid leak on my driveway.  Also, the belt was squealing and it had fluid on it too.


Here's the question: if there's too much P/S fluid in the reservoir, is it possible for the "screw on" lid to come un-done...or did I just F up and leave the fluid reservoir lid completely off.  The reason I ask is, of course, when I saw the leak I popped the hood to investigate and the lid was just laying there, reservoir wide open...add to that, the 800 miles I drove was during one of the biggest rain storms we've had all year...13 inches in a week. 


Should I just assume that a bunch of water got in to the P/S system?  Should I just re-flush it or did I likely do any damage.  No steering issues...yet.



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I always fill to the top on mine. Expansion is not much to be able to push it of. So probably forgot to put it back on. If you got water in the system, I would flush since, you are going to get bubbles to from because of the water which will cause early demise of the pump. It will cause uneven heat distribution in the pump. that is just my 2 cents....

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