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MJ stalls out

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my "never needs anything" truck needs some attention

amazing how many stalls I had today while driving.

had to ride the clutch hard in first to get it underway.. and even with that I stalled more times than my wife learning how to drive stick..

hard starts (long cranks) were the result..

parked at office awaiting some interweb diagnostic...

could it be the clutch is just shot?  of course with the renix, for all I know its a ground issue somewhere.


86 2.5L 4 speed...

recent tune up, wire and vac lines cleaned..

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You said hard start, and you need to ride the clutch to get it going, sounds like lack of power. Will it rev good in neutral? is cutting in neutral at 2500 and up rpms? have you checked the fuel pressure? This happens to me when I get a small pin hole in the line above the fuel pump in the tank. I would check your fuel pressure and see if it bleeds off quickly.

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