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Issue with wiper switch and/or motor

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New forum member, question for the seasoned veterans. I am only a shade tree mechanic, looking to see if someone knows the quick answer before I have to run some tests. My wipers don't park correctly, they stop wherever you turn the switch off. Also the intermittent wiper option no longer works at all. 1990 Comanche eliminator model, tilt column. Is my problem at the switch, or at the wiper motor? I Don't like to just throw new parts at an issue, wondering if anyone will recognize my symptoms and be able to pinpoint the broken component. Thanks!

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Unplug the inline intermittent wiper module on the steering column harness on both ends, then plug the harness connectors together. Turn on your wipers and check if they now park correctly. If they do, you will need a new intermittent wiper module. They often go bad, common problem.



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