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Eric's $500, 1989 base

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Figured to jump into fixing this up right away. After owning an Infiniti G20 for 4 years, it was time to invest in a woethy vehicle. Having owned two Wranglers in the past, I'm familiar with the great 4.0L drivetrain. So, after scanning CL for over a year, this MJ was found beach side here in East Central Florida.


For $500, it fit my budget perfectly. It was leaking copious amounts of water on start up and the usual oil leaks. It also idled above 1800 RPM. Grabbed a friend to follow me home 20 miles away, set the timer on my phone for 20 minutes, and headed out. Stopped at gas stations along the way when the timer went off to refill coolant system to keep from overheating. The high idle pulled me along in 4th gear; just tapped tge brakes every now and again. Made it home and me and that friend changed out the water pump. Leak fixed. Replaced the idle air control valve. Idles great.


Beach side you ask? Yup, but NO RUST in the bed. Just some along bottom of exterior door skins, bubbling around rear window seal, and a hole on the passenger side cowl. Rocker panels are rust-free as is the frame and all the underside.


I will post pictures when I figure out how to do so. Not tech savvy when it comes to that.

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