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fixing exhaust leak on downpipe

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I found an exhaust leak on the downpipe today, where it mates with the exhaust manifold.  I'm hoping it's just the donut gasket and that's all.  So I went and picked up a new one today.


First question, the computer at the store said the vehicle needs 2 of them, but I don't see how?  I just picked up one because that is all they had, but I figured it would need 1 donut style and one for the cat side, which is a different gasket.


Second question is how do you line this thing up?  In the past there was usually metal on one side that slide into the manifold, then bevel piece would tighten into the downpipe, this one is just flat on one side, so it could slide around.


I will be tackling it tomorrow and all my questions may get answered as soon as I take it apart.





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I think it will make sense once you have it off. The donut slides onto the collector with the flat side down. The beveled side mates to the down pipe which has an inverted connection to seal against the donut. While you're under there you should look closely at the collector to see if you might have a hairline crack where the tubes come together in the collector.

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