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Cruise Control Problem(s)

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91 Eliminator, 4.0, AX-15 - When the cruise control is engaged it starts accelerating and will not disengage by switching off the cruise control or by pressing thevbrake or clutch pedals. I checked the solenoid per the 91 FSM and it's good (no voltage to solenoid with switch in off position, battery voltage to solenoid with switch on, battery voltage at other three pins with a jumper to the pin for the blue/redstripe wire). The switch checked out good except I did not get voltage at the correct connection on the engine control module when the set button was pushed. I got voltage at the corect connection when resume/accelerate was pushed.

I have a new multi-function switch to install to fix the set button problem and provide intermittent wiper action (I have an intermittent wiper module). However, I don't think the set button failure should cause cruise control acceleration. Should I be loking at the cruise control module as the most likely suspect? Or, the speed signal tach generator? Per the FSM, there is/was a special diagnostic tool to test the modules. Does anyone know if the tool is still in use at dealerships? Next questions, are the modules (and the tach generators) still available from the dealer or is there a reliable source for used/reconditioned modules?

I'll have to check the brake and clutch switches to see if they are operating correctly and make sure they disengage the cruise control once I have the acceleration problem fixed.

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