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In Need of an AX15 Shifter Linkage Bracket


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Good Afternoon Guys,


Its been awhile since I posted, but I am almost at the end of my conversion and I have hit a dead end. Here is an update. I have an 1987 Sportruck. It had a 4.0 that I thought was okay but a compression test showed that it in fact had some dead cylinders. I decided that I would throw a new to me 4.0 in it. The truck also have the Pukegoat so I upgraded to an AX-15. Finally had all the right pieces and everything is in and running except I can not find a bracket to attach to the AX15 in order to engage the 4WD. It is driving me insane and none of the bone yards around here even want to deal with the thought of it.


Please, if anyone has one lying around, can you message me? I am in zipcode 02904 for shipping.

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