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How-to 99+ Dodge ND 136A Alternator Upgrade Wiring with New Plug [HO Tech] [ALT Upgrade]

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If you're anything like me, you just got back from the junkyard with a fresh batch of 136A upgrade alternators ready to kill in the mud. You just took them off the Dodge trucks because they're plentiful and right on top so they're easy to get. But in your haste, you grabbed the wrong alternator and your new one has a quick connect plug instead of the usual ring terminals. This isn't a problem. As long as you grabbed a quick connect pigtail, you're fine. If not, you can go back or try the dealer or ebay. I found one with a quick search for $17 - #RPT-52010.


This is really easy wiring. They didn't even change half of it. Connect the green wire to the green wire, which goes to the PCM, and connect the other wire (colors may vary) to what you found next to the green wire. If your factory harness has a ground wire, ground it. Piece of cake. If it's your first time with the bigger alternator, you will need to introduce your grinder to your alternator bracket, upgrade your alternator V+ output wire, and you're golden. You don't need to grind a lot, it's not a big deal.


Here's some diagrams and a photo of some alternators to grab some attention.










Dodge 136A Alternators



Typical stock wiring



Dodge ALT plug


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