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wandering idle 2.5

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Hi guys,

Wearing out my welcome with questions here!


I replaced my head gasket, and now I have no leaking.  I went through all the wiring connections and vacuum lines, and everything is buttoned up tight.  I was missing one of the intake manifold bolts, so it explains some of the running issues before hand.


Now that everything seems correct under the hood, one issue remains from before:  it has an idle that bounces from about 900-1100, cold or warmed up. Once in awhile, the computer will kick the IAC and bump the idle up to 12-1300, presumably BECAUSE of the rough idle. 

It also feels a little flat on acceleration since doing the work (but that could be that I haven't driven it in a month and drive my 4.0 TJ every day!). 


Any thoughts on what could cause idle like this?  When I did the job, I replaced plugs, wires, cap and rotor.




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