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Interior Resto And Ac Drip Into Cab

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Hey y'all so I have lurked for awhile but never made a post.  I have an 88' Pioneer LWB Manual (peuget) 4WD AMC Inline 6.  I am all settled in out here in beautiful fayettenam (recently comissioned officer) and have been finding downtime to work on this beautiful heep of mine.


Now I need advice please.  I got the interior stripped out till only the dash, carpet and little console remain.  The console and carpet are coming out tomorrow.  I plan on getting out the wire brush and cleaning the floor and roof up as both have surface rust.  Then i'm going to prime it, hit it with boom mat deadener spray and probably bed liner over that.  How does that plan sound, recommendations?  Also should i remove the dash as well or just tape it off?  


Finally while i'm working the interoir I had noticed a leak from the passenger side into the cab from under the dash in the past.  It occurs only when using the AC (which blows like father winters farts, freezing).  So my father and I deduced that it was the condenser (i think) building up condensation and the drain tube being plugged.  Do y'all agree with this assessment?  How do I go about fixing this drip? 



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Sounds like the contestation drain from the evaporator is clogged. Should be able to see it while looking straight up from under the jeep around the evap. Container. Be careful water may get you like it dead to me.

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