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87 2.5L Comanche, 2wd Houston Tx - $1250 Obo - *SOLD*


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Hi guys,  We are moving so I need to clean out the garage:


1) 1987 Comanche, 2.5L, AX-4, 2WD:

* 160k miles, blue exterior, tan interior trim.  daily driven.

* swapped in a 1994 YJ 2.5L solid engine; doesnt burn a drop of oil.  Still has RENIX.

* No internal carpet; i ripped it out to stop some rust on the floorboards.  Passenger side has some rust thru (see pic);

* rest of the truck is rust free.

* driver side door has slight dent and appears to have been bondo'ed by previous owner; also spont on tailgate which seems suspicous.

* brand new heater core/evaporator core, AC Condensor coil.  However remainder of AC is still in process (no hoses/compressor yet).

* Kelly's work in process wiring kit.

* Electric fan

* Current TX tabs and passing safety inspection.


The extra's (included):

* AX-5 4x4 transmission

* Dana 44 Front from wagonner; disassembled with intent to rebuild; but not there yet.  all part there.

* AMC-20 from rear of same wagonner; one-piece axles (the strong version).

* Driver side door from '96+ XJ - includes door striker.

* 1994 MPI system - ECU, manifold, distributor, FW, wiring harness.

* brand new track bar waiting to be installed.

* couple extra tie rod ends.

* Bunch of other small extras: starter, alternator, brakets, aluminum manifold, etc.

* Dana 300 (cause its cool).


Specific pictures of any item available upon request.





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