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So I Lifted My Mj, What Should I Do With My Rear Brakes Now?

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Finally got the lift(rusty's 4.5" full leaf pack) on my 'manche. Noticed my rear break line doesnt have much slack now. Still rocking the stock weight sensing valve minus the linkage. I do have a shoe lace tieing the arm up thou :)


Ive seen a few things about swapping out the prop valve for a xj unit. I picked up a 2000'ish xj valve for free and was thinking about doing that. But..... I'm confused on how to ditch the weight sensing valve after i swap the xj valve in.


I also thought about building a drop bracket for the weight sensing valve (might get rid of the shoe lace then mod too :))


Or should i buy a longer line and call it a day.


I do plan on swapping out the d35 for a disc converted 8.25 down the road.(year or so)

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The two questions are unrelated.


With a 4-1/2" lift you NEED a longer rubber hose from the frame to the axle. Two options that many people have used are 94/95 YJ, or mid-90s Dakota.


As to the rear height sensing valve, there is no need or reason to fabricate a drop bracket. All you need is a longer rod between the arm on the valve and the ball stud on the differential housing. With no load in the bed, the arm should ride horizontal.

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