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Rubber Type Sealant On Floor

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OK, I am in the process of trying to replace my badly rusted floor pans with nice new ones, The first real issue I have hit is the rubber crap that was used at the factory to seal the seams. Has anyone found anything that will remove this stuff? I have been chipping away at it for two days with a metal scraper and I still have a weeks’ worth of work at the rate I am going...

Next question, anyone know where I can get the little metal beams that were welded on top of the frame to help stiffen it, inside the cab? Mine are completely rusted through. Or a good suggestion for a suitable substitute?

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For the seam sealer, when redoing the floors on my XJ a few years ago, I had good luck with a knotted wire cup that attached to my angle grinder and then finishing the cleanup with a flap disc. For the areas I couldn't get the grinder into I used a propane torch to soften it up and then just used a metal scraper.

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I went out and got a torch and it was working, then I remembered I purchased a el-cheepo heat gun from harbor freight a while back. That thing is the answer! You can put the heat directly on the putty and watch it start to bubble, then you can see it pop when it lets go, then just pull it up. Only have to scrape where there is no rust, so not much scraping for me.

Thanks for the help!

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