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Please Refresh Me On Swapping The Types Of Tps Sensors...

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....I've been searching thru the post , I remember someone telling how to use the more common TPS in place of the expensive one (that I now need to replace). Anyone bookmark it ?  I'm running an '88 6cyl/5spd , parts store showin mine uses the "not in stock, we gotta order that one" that cost so dang much.

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Your thinking of the auto and manual TPS sensors. The manual one is hard to find and over $100 alot of the time, the auto one is common and cheap, maybe $30. Rock auto has both, and you can use both with no issues. 


This is what you want: http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=951161&cc=1181584


When connecting it to a manual, you only use the oval 3 prong connector, and cover up the other one. That would normally send information to the auto tranny.

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