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Parking Brake Pedal Goes To The Floor :/

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So ever since I've had my 92 MJ, the parking brake never really worked properly...it would ratchet all the way down to the floor, and 'kinda-sorta grab' at the very bottom. Never really concerened me because I have the 5-speed and just stick it in gear, but it's nice to have that added safety when parking on a hill, on if my brakes fail...(!)


I tried adjusting the tension at the rear brakes, but I guess I never got it right.


What's the proper procedure to adjust these?


I also re[placed both the parking CABLES, thinking they were crappy...anywho...


any help would be appreicated.



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You say you tried adjusting tension at the rear brakes. Do you mean you adjusted the rear brakes and that didn't help?

When you replaced the parking brake cables at the rear did you adjust the cable that comes from the parking brake to the bracket where the two rear cables mount?

The rod on the end of the cable should have a nut and a locknut. Jack up the rear axle until both tires are off the ground and put jack stands under the axle. With your parking brake off, spin the wheels to see if you have any brake drag. Hold the front of the rod with an adjustable wrench or vise grips and loosen the locknut. Tighten the other nut to put tension on the rear cables. Spin each wheel until you hear or feel some (additional) drag. Set and release the parking brake and spin the wheels again. If still dragging, loosen the nut, set and release the parking brake, and spin the wheels again. If you still have drag, loosen the nut, etc, etc, again until you don't have any drag. Then tighten the locknut and you should have good parking brake pedal height.

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