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1987 Comanche Lwb/d44


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----------GAUGING INTEREST----------


I have this good ole '87 Comanche 'project' if you will... its got some good and bad things about it, currently the motor is out as it blew last December, however I have a HO 4.0 from a '95 XJ that I was going to swap in and now with the cold weather, I'm LAZY! the motor is complete and i have the neccessary parts from the old renix motor to swap onto the HO motor to make everything work right...


This MJ is a 5 speed, has the D44 rear with a posi i believe (it leaves 2 tire marks!), 97+ manual doors and mirrors, has 30" BFG AT's, no lift, front tow hooks, skid plates, rear hitch, limo tint, comes with the cap, heat worked well, has a fullsize spare.. i have a bracket for a plow on the front and the beacon light on top isnt wired up yet but the cop light is... it'll come with a stock XJ hood without the hoodscoops as well, the hoodscoops are functional! be a badass, you know you want to!!


I'm not sure what this thing is worth, I'm thinking maybe $800 or so? I know that I could part it out and make a grand easy but that takes too much time and effort! I would trade it for any running vehicle, hopefully a geo metro or something ridiculously stupid!! its located about 10 minutes from Detroit in Troy, Michigan...



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---------GAUGING INTEREST---------   

I'm curiously interested.   How (rusty?) is the underside?  I don't see the typical rusted out holes above the rear 

                                       fender wells.  That Lwb means long-bed, right?  

              A brutal winter set in here UpNorth.   I make it to the city 'bout once in month in the warm weather.

     A January trip might result if you were to tell me more about the vehicle.  Doesn't seem like much rust for

a Michigan truck.

David Bruski  -  Posen, MI (Presque Isle county near Alpena).


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