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1989 Comanche Long Bed Offroad Project Advice

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Just got a 1989 comanche 4x4 automatic long bed with a pretty ruff engine and body but the frame is great and my mechanic assured me the engine would purr again. I paid 1200 too much prolly but i will be turning it into an offroad machine. I have a 1994 xj with everything in it I bought and used form awhile and is now dead. It has locked Chrysler 8.25 rear end with soa perches already on it for my rubicon express 5.5 inch lift kit. Also locked front axle not sure exactly I have to look but it's a beast either way. I have a nice transfer case also better than the one is mj. So my first question is how hard is it going to be to put the whole drivetrain from the xj into the mj? Second I was reading and it appears as my rubicon express lift will fit into the mj? Possibly? What problems can I run into? I will post pics below of the xj if anyone can help and give some advice that would be great my mechanic does not do offroad stuff usually and I don't know enough yet to advise him what to do.

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