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How Much Should I Sell For?? Posted This Earlier In Wrong Area

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I have a Dana 30 with spartan locker and 4.88s and a ford 8.8 with a LSD limited slip differential and 4.88s as well both have only been in for a little over a month axles have new seals wheel bearings etc selling bc I'm going to a bigger axles Hp 44 and a 9inch how much should I ask for the set and or individual

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IMHO 700 - 1000 bucks would be really fair. The fact it's already been regeared and set up is huge. Just the labor in that is around 600 dollars or better. Toss in a 300 dollar locker 400 for gears..... But no one is ever willing to pay what you have in something unless they just really want it.


Good luck buddy!!!!

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