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Which Mj To Look For?? 91 Xj Swap

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I've been wheeling a 91' XJ for several years. I'm ready to move on/up. Specs on the xj, 91', 4.0L HO, AW-4,NP231, 4x4, d30 non disco, 4.56, 8.25, 35's, non renix. Long story short.


what MJ am I looking for to swap in most of this stuff?? Axles will be upgraded so I'm not concerned with them. Mainly the motor and trans. What about a 2 WD MJ?? Does it need to be non renix I assume? If it is a non renix either a 91 or 92 can i use the mj wiring harness? or do i have to pull the one from my XJ? if i swap my AW 4 into a manual trans MJ.... More of a pain in the A$$?? Also, if I swap in my dash with the non idiot lights does it need to be a non renix MJ also?? I can't do the idiot lights and big gas gauge!


Any info would be helpful,

Thanks guys




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Get any MJ you want, Renix is going to be easier to find. Gut the MJ, and move literally everything from the XJ over.


The rear lift in the XJ won't do you any good, and you'll more than likely need a new rear driveshaft.

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