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1986 Mj 4X4 Longbed Project

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Here is my 86 MJ the day I got it home last week. Bought it for $1000 with a few smog problems. Replaced and routed new EGR valve for 80 bucks and now with $1080 i have a registered rust-free comanche! As soon as it stops snowing first project will be removing the wheel spacers from the front end, and painting the rims with a spray on bedliner. "Ghetto fab" bumper is getting replaced with a Rough Country winch bumper. 2" lift is getting the boot for a 6.5" lift. 33x12.50 Goodyear MTRs will be the shoes of choice. Will be re-doing the whole interior with the factory burgandy color. Custom rock sliders will be added and underbody armor. I will be updating constantly with new pictures but since I don't have a garage it will have to wait until the weather allows. I am new to this forum and look forward to hearing all the great input from the members.

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