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Floor Pan

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where can I get the "best fitting floor pan"? for my 86 front driver side?

classic2current at RockAuto for 41.99.

Anyone used this one?

LH is drivers side, correct?

I have the ability to make a descent one, but would like more professioal look.


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i bought direct from classic to current earlier this year. I'm pretty sure they just use cherokee pans and claim they are mj. the ease of installment all depends on the current state of your floor pan. the C2C pans don't follow the unibody rail from the seat back, so you will have to modify it to get the dropped down section under the seat. also, the do not have a relief in the pan to allow the seatbelt to be bolted back in. i was luck enough to be able to salvage enough metal to avoid that problem. the one saving grace that the C2C pans have is the metal is increadibly soft and forms easy with a hammer and a dolly.

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