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The Byrdmobile

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Hey guys :cheers: , first off I'd just like to thank everybody on CC for all of the great knowledge and help that I have found throughout the forum. I haven't had to post any because all of the questions I have are already answered somewhere on here. I've really enjoyed looking at all the builds going on and can't wait until I can really get mine going. This is my 3rd Jeep (had a CJ7 and Cherokee before this) and I've been lurking for a few months now. I bought my Comanche over the summer and have slowly but surely been getting things together to start up The Byrdmobile. Right now she is a little rough around the edges but solid, dependable, and ready to go. So here she is:

1988 Comanche Pioneer – The Byrdmobile

126k one owner miles (and a 4 inch thick folder of every receipt and paper from anything ever done to it), 4.0L, 5spd (ba-10/5), long bed, bench seat, a/c, dana 30 front and 35 rear, 235/75r15 tires.


When I first got it-





I tried cleaning it up some and painted the grill, bumpers, flares, and wheels-


Also found there was a leak in the weather strip around the driver door so the carpet was all sorts of funky with mold and rot. So I tore it all out :wrench: There is a little surface rust that isn't too bad and I plan to DIY bed liner the bed and interior very soon.



Other items on the list (in no particular order just yet):

DIY Bed liner for bed and interior and maybe a Rustoleum paint job

WJ Brake booster/master cylinder upgrade

Hopefully a D44 and ax15 swap

3” Hell Creek Lift Kit with new wheels and tires (I go to Ole Miss and New Albany is right down the road)

Exhaust system, not sure what yet

And I might go with Nate's 4x4 front and rear bumpers.

Anything else I need to do? And what should I look into doing first?


This is going to be a daily driver/weekend warrior kind of a project for me. Being my DD and being in college makes it a little tough when it comes to doing heavy work on it, but every now and then I can find the time and save up to money to and it is all worth it. I love this truck and can't wait to see what is in store for it. I have so many ideas running around in my head and I can't seem to make up my mind on anything when it comes to what will be next so I am just going to take it slow and steady and one step at a time. Thanks for taking a look! comanche.gif

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