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BA-10 grinding when put into reverse

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Hello all, I just picked up another Comanche. It's a 89, 4x4, 4.0, metric ton, with the 5-speed BA-10 Tranny. 240,000KM/150,000MI


Transmission feels fine in all gears but reverse. It has started to catch when I try and put it into reverse (Clutch fully depressed of course). When I go to put it in it I can feel it catch and it makes a grinding sound. I can force it in but really don't like doing it. It doesn't do this all the time but in the the last two or three days it happens 7 out of ten times I try and reverse. When the truck is off it moves into gear smoothly.


This is my first Manual i have ever owned so its a little new to me. Can anyone shed some light onto this? I plan on doing the AX-15 swap when this tranny goes but was hoping to get a little more time out of it than this.


Thanks, Ryan

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