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Cherokee Parts/H.O 4.0l F/S/F/T Central Jersey


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Hey guys, I'm stripping my cherokee of everything I don't need...I don't have room for a spare motor as much as I'd like to keep it.


It's got approximately 120k on it, I bought it with 60k and have since put 50k miles on it, but I'm rounding it up to 120K because I don't know the exact mileage.


It could use some new seals and a good cleaning, and has some top end noise when she feels like being cranky, however the noise always goes away...a friend told me it might need some Rocker adjustment, I don't know...it's NEVER been a problem, and has ALWAYS done it in the three years I've owned this jeep. It does have a brand new waterpump though.


It's only overheated ONCE and that was directly because of my transmission frying itself and overheating the radiator, which didn't allow the motor to cool.


I hate to get rid of it, but again, I don't have room for it. It's still in my cherokee but I removed the trans so it'll be an extremely easy pull.


I'm interested in trades; I need a good rear axle for my MJ, it has to be 3.55 gearing, so shoot me an offer? Otherwise, give me a price you'd be willing to pay for it. It comes with the accessories(PS/ALT/ect) if you want them.



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Bump! I don't know if anyone would be interested in this stuff, but here we go. Motor is still available.


NP-231 Case - Needs an internal rebuild, I do not know what's wrong with it. It's a 21 spline model with the vaccuum harness on the back. Also have the vaccuum harness. - 50$


2x Front Drive Shafts. These are out of a 4.0, one definitely has good u-joints the other is questionable, I haven't inspected it. 40$ with good joints, 20$ if bad joints.


1x Cherokee AW4-NP242 Rear Drift shaft - no u-joints or slip yoke. - 30$


1x Cherokee AX15- NP231 Rear driveshaft - Yoke and brand new u-joints! - 50$


2x OBD1 Crank Shaft Position Sensors - both are good, 20$ each.


Rear Speaker Pod cut for oversized speakers, comes with dome light and speakers that are brand new - 120$


Low Profile Light bar(Mounts to stock roof rack rails) with 4x Baja lights - 50$


Custom Seperated steel mesh grill - 30$


97+ Center Console with HVAC tube, CUPHOLDERS!!!!!! and pre-modified Parking brake handle for use with your stock cherokee parking brake set up(Agate in color) - 30$


Puegot Steel Clutch Master Cylinder, barely used - 40$


Puegot Steel Clutch Hard Line, barely used - 15$


Comanche Parking Brake Release handle - 15$

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