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Comanche Build "The Indian" Found on Google


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Came across a unique looking Comanche @ http://performanceunlim.blogspot.com while searching google for inspiration on my build. There's not tons of details, but there are a few dozen decent pics.


Here's a few of them:








As much as I love the "Jeep" logo on the stock tailgate, I'm loving the rear of this Comanche.

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Good Morning all!


The Comanche is still for sale! I have gotten an email from one of your members looking for some more pictures to look at the skid plate, and the rock sliders, along with the gas tank. I have a couple of pictures now, and should have the gas tank by friday.


Here is a picture of the front,



I will get some better pictures of the sliders, but these are what I have now.



Here is a picture of the rear,



And here is a picture of the skid plate.



We started out with a solid skid, but after wheeling it completed, we found out that the comanche was

running hotter than we would like. So I had one of my guys take it out, and cut in multiple holes to allow some breathing room. Here is the link to the build page on our webstie.


http://www.wix.com/performanceunlim/per ... __comanche


If anyone is interested in coming over to Woodstock, VT to look at it, and our shop, give Rodney Brooks a call at:802-332-6383


I will post more pictures this weekend!

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