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Renix to HO swap with an 87 AW4?

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Pulling a dying Renix 4.0 and plan to swap in a 1996 4.0 (along with entire vehicle wiring harness forward of tailights from a wrecked 1996 Cherokee 2wd). My 87 Comanche is currently 2wd with a Renix 4.0 and an AW4 column shift. I have already picked up a junkyard 87 AW4 with a NP242 hooked up to it.


Will my 96 4.0 (2wd motor) bolt up to the 87 4x4 AW4 transmission and work with the 96 Cherokee harness? Any other problems I should expect to encounter?


Had my Comanche a couple months and have already been seduced by the upgrading bug...

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doubt that.


96 was the first year OBD2. all the trans connectors are different.



the trans will swap and work, but you will have to redrill the torque converter bolt pattern onto your flexplate. not a big deal if you have the old renix flexplate as a pattern.


the cable that goes from the throttle body to trans is shorter on the renix trans as well, but they can be swapped.



you can NOT mix and match the torque converters between trans. do that, and wreck the trans. the fluids that have been run through them have contaminents respective to the wear and tear of the transmission they were operated on. introducing the contaminents from one trans into another will end in disaster.

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