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FS SE WI 4x4 AX15, complete renix 5 speed conversion. $500


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I've got an AX15 out of an 89 MJ 4x4 with 96k miles on it. in really nice shape, fluid drained out without a spec of metal in it. shifts nice. no transfercase, but complete bellhousing (internal slave), and shifter


I'd like $350 OBO for the trans


I also have the 5 speed complete setup from an 89 renix 4.0 mj

this includes;


used pressure plate/clutch assembly

pedal assembly

master cylinder


bad slave

floor shifter plate (lower boot needs replaced)

5 speed engine harness

engine computer

trans harness

trans mount and plate

Front driveshaft

Throttle body with 5spd tps

Rear driveshaft for d44 swb

the crossmember was all hacked up, I will try and get another one.


I'd like $150 OBO for the conversion harness. it will fit 87-90 renix 4.0's, though you may have to splice the connectors (supplied) into the rest of the harness, as they changed connectors over the years. it's simple color to color splicing. you can not mess it up. it will directly fit an 89 and probably 87 and 88 as well.




I'll make a package deal of $450 obo shipping would not be cheap...somewhere around $175-$200 for everything.

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I might be interested as a replacement for the BA 10/5 that's currently in my truck. Have no FHE so I'll need to do some homework to figure out what all would be involved.


I'll pop you some questions via PM.



what is FHE?


please do pm reguarding this. depending on your mj wheelbase and axle combo, I may have a rear driveshaft for you as well.


the only thing you would need that I don't have is a 23 spline transfercase, or an input to swap into your transfercase.

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Sorry about that.


FHE = First Hand Experience


Because I've decided that my rig will be with me for the remainder of my life, I'm currently drawing up a "master plan" for a total running gear rebuild; once complete I plan to post it for comment on the "projects" board.


I do want to stay in touch, as an AX-15 (or an NV-3550) will be part of the deal, but it will be a while before I'm ready to commit to any particular component. Having had to pull my trans three times in six months to deal with slave cylinder issues, an external slave is a must have for me.

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