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Finally installed my full gauge cluster!!!


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As the title says... What a difference, I love having gauges and a tach! I've owned this MJ for just over a month but always wondered how well everything functioned. Now I know that the temperature stays just below 210 and the oil pressure reads between 20-60 depending on the engine rpm! I bought a cluster from the local salvage yard out of a 90 xj and a temp and oil pressure sender from napa. My truck is an 87 with the old font on the gauge faces, but the speedo hook ups were identical... All in all I was only out about 50 bucks and took less than 2 hours to swap everything, plus fixing the radio while I was there (includes setting the existing vehicle mileage on the new speedo too). This truck almost has everything I was looking for (now): gauges, mini-console, 5 speed, bench seat, 4.0 and a straight, rust-free body. Now I just need to track down a 4x4 donor! There's a 3.07 front diff at the local salvage yard, I may pick it up and install for now and just wait til the BA-10 or clutch go out and replace it with a 4x4 AX-15? Either way, I'm going to enjoy it and let the rest fall in to place when the time comes.

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