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1991 2wd front susp. -$100...pick up only. Good AX15 - $150


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I am converting my '91 from 2wd to 4wd. I pulled the front suspension complete.


$150 takes the entire suspension.


It includes:

Axle tube with usable bearings, ball joints, etc

Stock upper & lower control arms

Springs (2wd w/ 4.0L)

Shocks (look bad but still have good dampening)

Sway bar w/end links

Steering stabilizer

Drag link

Tie rod

Trac bar with frame bracket

Rotors w/recent pads


The truck drove great when I pulled it apart last week. It tracked straight and had no pulling or pulsing when breaking.


In Knoxville, Tennessee. I do not want to ship it, but I'll help you load it.


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right at 185K


It had no issues when I drove it, but I would consider installing new bearings if I were going to use it.


The rotors are nice and true, they don't even need to be turned.


All of the bushings are usable as is.


You may want to replace the shocks due to their age, but they feel fine.

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How about $100 for the front suspension...I'd like it out of my way.


BTW, I pulled the AX15 yesterday. It's a complete 2wd transmission with a short wheelbase driveshaft. I'll take $150 for the trans with the driveshaft.



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