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The Canadian Comanche

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Went and bought myself a Comanche a few weeks ago. The guy claimed it just needed a new radiator...but it turned out that not only did it need a new radiator, it also needed a new head gasket :fs1: The Jeep was originally from Canada but sometime during it's life it got brought into Washington. Plans are to try and make it a reliable daily driver, but it needs quite a bit of work. Where ever this thing was before they must have used salt on the roads because it is pretty rusted. So it will need some frame patching and the drivers side floor board replaced, but I don't think it will be that *big* of a deal.


Going to be converting it over to 4x4 since I basically have all the parts that I can take off a Cherokee I bought for another project. The Cherokee has a AX-15, but I'm hoping I can either sell/trade it to somebody for a 4x4 version of the AW4. Probably won't be going to crazy with any other mods since I already have a Scrambler as my wheeling rig...but you never know...


Specs: 1990 - 2wd - 4.0L - AW4



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