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MJ Resto - Project Second Chance (Full Speed Ahead!)

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Hey ComancheClub


I have a 1989 shortbed Comanche with a straight 6 2wd with the dana 35 in the rear.



Fullsize pic







This will probably be a decently long ongoing project, I'm trying to speed up the pace but we'll see what ends up happening.


What I've Done:

Taken bed off

treated frame with rust neutralizer/convertor

Painted the frame black

Cleaned up inside of cab

Bought a 90 XJ Laredo 4x4 donor

bought the steel to make the patches in the floor

bought 92 thermostat housing and thermostat + gasket

New gas tank


What I plan To Do:

Swap whole drivetrain excluding rear axle (front 30, tranny, t-case) into the Comanche (Convert to 4x4)

Remake brake lines / fix brakes

weld in / fab up new floorpans

decide and purchase either rough country 4.5" AAL or custom SOA

swap in the new thermostat housing with the peacock

swap in bucket seats from donor XJ

purchase some 33x10.5?12.5x15 tires

Audio system/speakers +head unit

Run the battery/ground/starter/alternator up with some 0 Gauge custom rungs

Custom bumpers

Patch/ trim bed and front fenders if necessary



+ More to be added and finally

wheel the dang thing !


I'll add some more picks of the frame after paint later to morrow and some pics of the XJ donor.


Should be fun :D


Full album (more pictures not posted)


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you live in florida by any chance looks like a florida xj and one of those crazy gator fans. you see vehicles painted orange and blue more then you should in florida. :nuts:



Yup the guy I bought it from said his friend painted it that color when he was letting him borrow it, but the engine tranny, t-case and axles are in prime shape so it'll make a good donor.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Got in the gas tank I ordered today.



Also took out the fuel pump from the old one.






Surprised the sock was still on there.




Over the weekend I'm going to be hooking up the fuel tank along with putting in a new coolant temperature sensor. (bottom of the block)

Along with installing the new thermostat housing with the petcock along with a new thermostat and gasket.


Most immediate things on the list are fixing the brake lines and welding in the floor panels after we fab them up.

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Finally put on the thermostat/thermostat housing and petcock.


Also took the battery box out broke two bolts so we ground them off and drilled them out.


I also quick fixed the coolant system.




Using another T-pipe instead of the heater valve, water is always running through the core. Later I'll probably set it up a little nice before we put coolant in, going to put straight water in and check for leaks this weekend.

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