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Fuel System Pressure

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Supposed to be ~40psi at the rail. And there was, right up until

installing the Hesco adjustable regulator. Now there's no residual

pressure. Shut off the motor and pressure goes to zero. Not a

calamity, but makes for longer cranking. Put the old reg back in

and system holds pressure just fine, so it's not a check valve issue.

Somehow the AFPR is permitting pressure loss when pump is not

running. Exchanged the regulators twice to reproduce the problem.

The O-rings are fine, no damage. Anyone else with the AFPR have

this issue??

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You have the weirdest problems. :D I've had a Hesco AFPR on mine for over five years now, and it holds pressure just fine, overnight even. Maybe the design was changed, IDK. Suggest you logon to the Hesco forum and ask Lee in the Jeep Tech forum.

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Yes, I do. As it turns out, it wasn't the AFPR after all, it was the connection

between gauge ant shrader valve. Intermittent. Pulled and cleaned the

core, and all is well. Holds 40 psi with motor off for about an hour, then drops

to 30. Good enough for me, for now.

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