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Instrument cluster and 4wd conversion

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Hi everyone I'm new to this and recently bought a 1987 jeep Comanche 2.5 4 cyl 4 speed manual, the gas gauge doesn't work on it and I swapped it out with a junkyard cluster but the gas gauge still didn't work any ideas?? Also if I wanted to change this to 4wd what all would I need? Thank you!



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Before swapping units, check them first and see what's bad. Get a ohm meter, usually part of a VOM. Remove the connectors. I'm not sure of the resistance of the gauge but the needle should peg when you touch the leads to it. The sending unit should read 0 ohms empty and 88 ohms full. Also don't forget the wiring. one of the connectors could be dirty or a shorted, open wire. There are dozens of 2wd-4wd conversions documented. Check the search and DIY section.

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