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fixing rattles on pick-up bed

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I found this by accident I have an 89 MJ which had a bed liner installed . When I removed the add on bedliner , when I closed the doors there was a tinny rattle noise . I was going to bedline it with a Duplicolor armour kit. While I was prepping it someone closed my door and I noticed that the front wall of the bed rattled. It had all the factory spot welds , but the edges weren't connected and caused the rattles. So I welded both corners ,and Man what a difference the rattles went away and so did all the squieks and noises I had heard for several years !!! This tranformed the truck , now it's quiet and solid sounding !

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It's always nice when you are able to solve those mystery noises.


Today after a group meeting for work we were standing near one of my coworkers trucks and noticed the exact same issue with the front bed panel of his 2011 GMC Canyon. In this case a spot weld was broken.

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