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Selec-Trac Visor Sticker


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  • 2 weeks later...

And, as an update, even though the online lookup said this is available

from dealer, they said NLA when I called. However, one helpful dealer told

me about the vintage parts service. This is an outfit that buys up old

stock (all kinds of stuff) and sells it through dealers that _really_ wish

to go the extra helpful mile (not many). You're supposed to have a

dealer code to use the service. I was able to get their phone number,

and the girl was extremely helpful and explained how to use their

website to buy retail. The site is: WWW.VPARTSINC.COM. You have

to set up an account. They have 27 (now 26) of these labels, and

it cost me $11, plus $6 for shipping, to order. Sorry, they have no

cargo lights (56000846).

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