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Wire Harness Risk

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Swapped in a K&N cone system (FIPK) tonight, and found something

that really surprised me. One of the tabs on the outboard side of

the stock airbox had been making contact with the harness that feeds

the PCM. The tape wrap was rubbed through, and the insulation on

one wire was halfway rubbed through. Not sure which wire, but my

guess is they're all important. If you have a stock airbox, check this

out. If close, recommend adding some form of chafe wrap. Yes, the

airbox was tightly mounted. BTW, the FIPK system is dimensionally

incompatible with a throttle body spacer. Hood won't close. You can

have one or the other, but not both.

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I found this via a search. I have the same problem, one of the clips from the airbox has rubbed into the PCM wiring harness. It caused hard starting and a misfire for me today as I was working with the cooling system and removed the airbox lid during that.


Stupid, stupid design, a metal clip can rub right through wiring to the PCM. Jeep/Chrysler should have damn well known better. Oh well guess I'll add fix PCM wiring to my to-do list.... at least I was able to wiggle the wiring and get it running like normal LOL

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