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brake light rewiring

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Anyone have any diagrams and/or suggestions? My truck is missing all of the brake wiring (don't ask me about it...) I need to get it done soon cause I'm in alittle hot water with the local fuzz about it :roll:


Thanks in advance. :cheers:

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it's pretty simple.

The wire used from the factory is pink.

It comes out of the hazard plug on the back of the fuse block.

so the wire travels like this

Brake fuse-behind the fuse block to the terminal for hazard flasher-split off to the brake switch-back to the wiring harness and to the connector for the rear harness.

You'll find the rear harness connector on the drivers side under the dash. It will have a big fat orange wire (fuel pump) and the blue parking lamp wires in it as well.


What's wrong with your brake lights now?

How much of thw wire harness is missing?

Do you have 12V at the switch?

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