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Need a replacement clutch line

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I fixed it for about 25 bucks. Went to the local auto/ag parts store and picked up a 1/4" x 30" brake line with the right fittings, a section of 3/16" x 24" high pressure hydraulic hose and two fittings to connect the pipe threaded hose to the brake line. It only took two 90 degree bends and just a bit of hand manipulation and the truck was back on the road in 10 minutes. I may get a stainless line from AA but this will work for now. The good thing about the long 30" brake line coming off the clutch MC is that there is no longer a rubber clutch hose close to the exhaust.


This would make a cheap trail spare for anyone.


Here's the new and old line for comparison.



The fittings.



The hydraulic hose connected directly to the slave.





and the obligatory test drive poser shot.


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