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Ignition enigma

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:wrench: Checked through lots of posts and can't seem to find anything close to whats going on.


Key on to "run"= nothing... no power to dash no buzz from fuel pump, no dash lights, heater, or anything else that should turn on with ignition. There IS power to the headlamps, and can bump starter with screwdriver and it will crank but no run.


Have replaced starter/solenoid a few months ago, and ignition switch to no avail.


Anyone else have this problem? Just got a new multimeter and going to start checkin everything for continuity just hope someone else has had this to quicken the process.




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Ignition switch is melted.


Had it in all three of our older jeeps. When you look at the switch (located down the steering column) you will find two plugs, one blue and one black. The first tab for the blue plug controls the current that 'flows thru' the switch and powers the radio, starter, blower motor and radio. It will be shorted from heat, and in extreme cases the plug will be melted.


Reason? The main culprit is thought to be the blower motor. Older blower motors tend to draw more amps then the 14 Ga. wire can carry. As the switch for the blower goes to high speed it draws even more amps, and (although it did not happen to me) I have read in Google it can actually cause a dash fire.


There is a different ignition switch for the tilt steering wheel...the non-tilt switch will not fit a tilt (no matter how hard I tried!).

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