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steering clunk....now steering gear leak, possibly fixed!

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Hey All,

So...My so called "mechanic" buddy is turning out to be less than reliable in the "giving a crap" dept. I was changing out the alternator tonight (its making noise) and happened to notice fresh wet spot near the steering gear. Previously there was "old" leakage evidence. I stuck my hand under the steering gear and it was fairly fresh fluid leak. I previously did not feel any clunk in the steering box, but its pretty hard to get a hand down there. I'm assuming my steering gear is shot, and likely the cause of all my steering issues. (this would also explain the slop in the linkage, correct?) I will try to get at it to see if I can feel any clunking/slop when I put the alternator back in tomorrow. I have to get new linkage anyway (most likely from the JY) and will probably pick up a new steering gear (zj) More thoughts on this would be great. Trying to keep a positive attitude....


p.s.- I STILL need a horn surround. :thwak:

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So...Always better to investigate in the daylight right? I'm not so sure my steering gear is leaking. The big hose that comes out of the resevoir IS leaking at the hose clamp. (I tightened it carefully) My only question here is, what can I use to get all of the steering fluid cleaned up? Will a standard de-greaser work?


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