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steering question

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I just finished replacing the steering column in my 89 eliminator and now have a new problem. The power steering pump is making noise like there is a bind in the system. I must have done something wrong but don't have a clue as to what. Everything worked great before just had a bad sloppy tilt column. Could I have tightened it up to tight? Is there supposed to be play in the system? Help

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I replaced my column a while back, I don't remember coming anywhere near the PS components to do it. Under what conditions does it make the noise? Can you turn full lock-to-lock? There's really nothing to tighten up when you do the replacement except, without knowing anything else my guess would be you buggered up one of the steering shaft ujoints when removing the original column. Did you have trouble getting the shaft separated from the column end? I know I did, if you had to pry a lot or use a BFH it's pretty easy to damage those joints.

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