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Sold a MJ


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Sold one of my babys, er, MJ'S this morn. Was coming out of town and doing my regular 80 when I spotted a Wrangler poking along at 75. Kicking it up to 85 I passed it. Pulled off at my exit and he followed, honking his horn and waving so I got out to see what he wanted. Seems he couldn't believe a Jeep P/U could pass him like that and he wanted a better look at it. Refused to believe it had a 2.5 4 cylinder until I popped the hood. We BS for a couple minutes and I invited him over to see the collection. He was impressed. He struck me as a OK guy, and the lady with him was a looker. When he asked if one was for sale I started to say no but didn't. Asked which one he was interested in. Walked around looking at them and he was interested in a '87 Sport. Had a 4.0 from a 95 XJ and a AX15 from a 90 XJ I had dropped in it. Figured out what i had tied up in it and added a $100 for my time. He gave me $500 cash and wrote a check for the rest. He's from New Mexico and going to be back next Sunday to get it. Gave him info on CC and expect we'll be getting a new member soon. jamminz.gifcomanche.gif

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