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loose vacuum hose or fuel vent hose?

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I have a hose that is draped over the back of my engine. One end doesnt connect to any thing while the other connects to metal hose, which runs all the way back to a t vacuum connector, which runs to both of the top vent plugs in the gas tank.


Should this hose connect to anything? I'm at a loss trying to find anything it could go to.

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Thank you, unfortunately, my charcoal canister already has lines running to it... Now I'm going to have to look that up.


Are all the ends hooked up? It goes from rubber to metal to rubber again.


It's kind of a beetch to get to but try reaching up on top of the tank and seeing (feeling) if the hoses are hooked up to the vent/rollover valves. My plastic nipples had corroded and broken off right at the valve

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