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Figured I'd start a thread of useful links and images. Post a link or image and I'll add it to the list :thumbsup:


Should Be Manditory Forum Viewing

- Posting and You :smart:



- 84 to 86 Parts Catalog

- 1988 to 1990 Parts Catalog

- 1991 to 1993 Parts Catalog

- 1994 to 1996 Parts Catalog

- 1997 to 1999 Parts Catalog

- 2000 Parts Catalog

- BillaVista's Fabulous PDF Index Page - TONS of useful information.... if you click on 1 link only make it this one.

- Gear Ratio & Tire Size Chart

- Tire Size Change Calculator

- Metric Tire Size to Diameter (Inches) Calculator

- Ramp Travel Index (RTI) Calculator

- Ring & Pinion Calculator

- Speedometer Check Calculator

- Autobody Store: lots of body work tips, tricks, tools and other useful info.

- Tuning a CB radio

- Bondo-Glass Fiberglass Repair

- Welding in Patch Panels: a useful thread I found on Garagejournal.com

- Sandblasting Guide

- Mig Welding Guide

- Tig Welding Guide

- Arc Welding Guide

- Spray Painting Guide




Front End Parts:


Camber, Caster & Toe-in Visual Definitions:


Bolt Lingo:


Frame Dimensions:

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