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My 86 Comanche with the 2.5L is having a hell of a time with idling and it diesels heavily lately. I think it's due to all the vacuum tubes and such just mostly being in tatters, it would definitely explain the fuel smell after driving any longer than 5 minutes. Problem I'm having though, I don't know what size tubing I need at all. And yes, I'm talking every single tube under the hood needs to go it seems.


Does anyone know the sizes/lengths or maybe know where I can just buy a bundle at once with all of the tubes ready to go? I'd love to get this issue fixed and get this rolling without driving or shutting off like @$$.

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Check your local parts stores. You'd be surprised to find that they can actually get it, and it comes as sections/assemblies.




I've tried with Advance Auto and Autozone and they got nadda. The best I can find is just getting large sections of sized tubing, but I don't know what size I need. O'Reilly also seems just as useless, but has a wider variety of tubing at least.

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