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2 MJs in Tampa lkq

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Both are 88s and 2 wheel drive


1JTMW66T3JT094328 6cyl is a long bed with a bed topper, cream interior, just got put in the yard sept 22 and is still very together. The bed on the driver side is crunched in on the front pretty good. the driver side has quite a bit of rust right above the fender. The tailgate is in decent condition but has some rust up near the top. The lights arent bad but can see where they are starting to crack (theyd be good if you absolutely need them they were one reason i ran out there but am looking for some in better condition). Its got a d35 in the rear. Interior is all there minus the rear panel behind the seats cause i took that. The driver seat is starting to pull apart but seemed to be in usable condition if needed. All the other panels are in there and are in good condition no cracks or breaks.The carpet board behind the seats is still there and in good condition also had a headliner that would make a good base to repad. I also took the cab vents but that was it, also still has the badging on the fenders and had a rear sliding window that seemed to be in decent condition but couldnt really tell because of topper.


1JTHS6419JT005621 Other is a 4cyl thats been painted camo, it is very stripped nothing really left in the interior and if it is its cracked. The passenger taillight was gone but the drivers light was still there and only had small hair line cracks at the bottom. Tail gate still there and only had little bit of rust at the top no back glass. Also has d35 rear.


I'm beginning to realize these junk yard guys don't really care that people know what they really got in the yard. The 6cyl said that it was a 85 comanche online and on the vehicle. The 4cyl i didnt see online because they had it as a 88 jeep cherokee. :fs1:

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