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What parts do I need?

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I am making finally going through the Comanche and need to gather a full list of parts. Any input would be very helpful. I would like to know specifics on all of these things and maybe anything I left off. Thanks




Differentials(fluid, gaskets and/or sealant?)

Transfer case




Radiator cap

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It would be helpful to know what you're trying to do exactly, since a parts list might be vague (not to mention huge, if you actually get a FULL list!). There are a lot of parts in an AX-15, are you looking to change the oil or rebuild it, for example.


If you're looking for maintenence items, I've started a list in thisthread. Doesn't really apply to the items you've listed but might be good to remember for future repairs.

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I am not having any problems other than a slight miss. I drive it daily and other than an oil change, I haven't messed with much. I a

Pretty sure it has no thermostat because it doesn't get much above 120-140 so I have almost no heater. I just wanted to go through it and change fluids, flush, stuff, and do a basic tune up before winter.

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